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The City Of Bridges

The City Of Bridges

A quick weekend getaway not too far from my City in Atlanta is Greenville South Carolina.  It is only two hours from Atlanta and it is such a charming city with so much to do.    A bustling city with arts, restaurants, football games, or just strolling through the many parks and bridges that are a central part of the city.

The city of Greenville is situated on land that was once Cherokee hunting ground and was closed to the early settlers and colonists.  In 1770, Richard Pearis, an Indian trader from Virginia received about 100,000 acres of hunting lands from the Cherokees.  Pearis then settled in this area which was on the banks of the Reedy River in what is now downtown Greenville.   Lots of Mills were established in this city and it was not until the early 80’s that the new streetscape was completed and the new revival of Greenville began.   Today, Greenville is a lovely place to live, work and vacation.   I especially love all the beautiful bridges one, in particular, The Liberty Bridge.  This bridge honors Founder  W. Frank Hipp and his children.  There is nothing like it in the USA.  This Bridge, of course, is above the Reedy River.   My next favorite thing to do is grab a cup of coffee at any one of the unique coffee houses that line the streets.   During the Christmas Holidays,  you can even get a ride on Santa’s Sleigh and go ice-skating.      So Mezza followers ….follow me to Greenville!!!!


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