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Purchase for a Purpose

Purchase for a Purpose

What a great day we had to Launch the India Hicks line.  With the Help of Christine Strange of Christine’s Couture, her friends, and peers, and my clients, friends, and family it was a huge success.  The goal was to buy for a purpose and that was to support the Breast Cancer Survivor’s Network.  To help women who don’t have the access to resources such as mammograms, doctor visits, and so much more.   The hit of the day was the India Hicks line which has up to the minute purses such as our new Cartridge bag–and our India Tokens, Perfume, lotions, cashmere blend scarfs, and our new Hemingway travel pants.    I am so excited to be offering this product to my clients.    If you want to host a get-together at your place or mine and want us to donate back to your favorite cause or charity please contact me via my email at:   If you wish to order from my site you can shop directly from the Mezza blog on the shopping page or simply click here: picture taken by Creative Soul Photography.   So Mezza girls get out there and make that purchase count!!!!!


Think about climbing higher heights, making global connections and making a difference. Christine of Christine's Couture for the Cure....She is making a difference each day to raise money and awareness for "The Breast Cancer Survivors Network" at Learn more click on Christine's picture below!!!

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