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Move Over Martha Stewart…..

Move Over Martha Stewart…..

This blog post is not about where to find it or how to get it but more about the gift of friendship.    My dear friend, who will remain anonymous, has been a significant person in my life.  We met way back in College and to this day remain good friends. Why I wanted to share my friend with you is simple.  She is the most positive and giving person I have ever met.   She was the force that kept us going through College and the girl that I followed down the ski slopes as I perfected my skiing.   Whenever there was a problem in our lives we shared and found a solution.   As we go through our Menopause years–we are right there sharing all our ideas and tricks to keep feeling young, at least at heart!!!

In recent years my friend has been living her summers down here in the South.   She opens up her lovely beach home to her dear friends and work peers.   Every single weekend she is at the house she has different groups of people in.  She just loves to give her guests the ultimate summer week getaway.   If you like to just hang at the beach she is right there with you, if you like to go crabbing she arranges it.   If you want to go bike riding, as in my case, she takes you to get your bike and away we rode all over the Island.    If you are a boater she makes that happen.   When I did ask her “don’t you get tired of entertaining”?  She answers no ” I love opening up my home so that others can enjoy it too”   So Mezza followers don’t you think Marth Stewart needs to move over!!!!   To my friend, you are one in a million.


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