Charleston, South Carolina


Historic and Romantic Rainbow Row

Historic and Romantic Rainbow Row

I just love when I get to travel to Charleston, South Carolina. It is truly my favorite city in the South. It was perfect timing—the weather in February was a fantastic cool 50-70 degrees. The best parts of Charleston are the charming and picturesque streets to walk down. My all time favorite is Rainbow Row. Today Rainbow Row boasts Palm Trees and pastel painted homes all facing the water.

It was not always this way. The historian in me loves the fact that after the Civil War, it was just a run down street. Not until the early 1920s did it get its iconic make-over. One of the changes was to paint these lovely homes a pastel pink. How fashion forward they were. In 1945, more of the homes took on different shades of pastel colors and most of these historic homes were restored. One of my favorite things to do near Rainbow Row is sit down on the benches by the pier after taking a brisk walk and watch the sunrise. During this time I can fantasize about the lovers who strolled down this path way back in time. So for all my Mezza romantics—a must-do trip with your someone special!


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