Love Your Body Month February

Love Your Body Month February

1947-104402596Hello Mezza Girls, It is February and instead of sending you my thoughts on the upcoming season I would like to focus this month on our Healthy bodies and some of it is out of our control.  By the way, if you wanted a sneak peak for spring see my last post from January.  So let’s go back about  60 years.   The year is 1958 one year before I was born and post World War II fashion.  Dior had already come out with the “New Look” If you are not familiar with this look.  It was a two-piece suiting that emphasized your waist.  This is where I will begin.   Back in 1958 a 32- inch waist was a size 20,  a 28- inch waist was a size 16 and a 26- inch size waist was a 12 and a 24- inch waist was a size 8 and a 23- inch size waist was 4.  There were no conversions that went beyond that.  Ladies, what has happened.   Well, as I have said for years our food supply is at fault not what we choose so much but what the industrialized farms have chosen for us such as hormones found in milk, meats, chicken and the flour that we make our bread from has all sorts of things in it.  So what’s a girl to do?   Certainly not starve but shop wisely go organic and read the labels.   Today the average woman is bigger but in a more athletic way.   I say enjoy yourself, eat wisely not be crazy and  Love your Body!!!



“The right style can make a body sing the beautiful notes of it's owner.”

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