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A Bite of Crabapple Scavenger Hunt: A Unique event ….A one-of-a-kind book signing

A Bite of Crabapple Scavenger Hunt:   A Unique event ….A one-of-a-kind book signing

New York Time’s best selling author and Milton Ga resident is so excited to be celebrating her 23rd book launch next month.   “The Night the Lights Went Out.”   Not only is Karen an amazing writer I am also proud to call her a friend and avid follower of me and my fashion quests these past few years….Karen has come up with such a unique idea for her book launch.   A scavenger hunt…so all you local book club girls here in Atlanta get your friends and start the hunt!!!  This event will also benefit the Milton Ga First Responders Foundation (MFRF).

Imagine living in a town of  tennis mom’s social climbers and deception….I think I can relate…Karen’s newest book The Night the lights went out.”   Karen refers to it as “Steel Magnolias meets Girl on the Trail.”  It sounds delicious.

Karen has been writing since her launch in 2000.  I will always remember that time since it was then that I met Karen while I was working  in Retail.  We instantly had a connection since I asked her if she was the author of the book I had just read called “In the Shadow of the Moon.”    I was so excited that I even hosted an organic book signing for her.   Karen writes what she refers to as “grit lit”-southern women’s fiction.

I just love her 40’s look  on this cover !!! so all my book babes from Mezza—Join the Hunt!!!!!


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