Jackie Grund



What’s Your Mezza?

One day over coffee, I told my husband that I wanted to finally get back to writing via an online magazine blog. As a young woman, I was an aspiring writer and continued playing with words in the business world. Then, life happened! I got married, started a family and well… you can probably guess the rest. I figured now was the best time to start writing again and what better way to share my experiences than here on Mezza!

I know that every millennial lives by the word of the blogger. So, why not get in the game and do a blog for the tail-end baby boomers? After all, we are just getting started after raising kids or having the big corporate job. For the past 10 years, I have been fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful clothes, amazing designers and inspiring women. I love when a client gets excited by what I choose for them to wear or when I share the latest trends.

What is Mezza? In a nutshell, it means middle. I love to travel, savor great food, embrace beautiful fashion and live life to the fullest. I am 58 years young and feel like I am just in the middle of my beautiful life. So, there you have it! Mezza – The Middle Of Your Finest Moments. What is your Mezza?

I look forward to having grand adventures with you!

Jackie Grund


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