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A New Model

A New Model

When we think of the Model figure the numbers 0-2 pop up in our heads, not 14.  Ashley Graham is changing that by becoming the first size 14 model to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine.  She is an inspiration for all of us curvy women out there.   Yeah!!!!   “Ashley is the voice for all who do not fit the old standard”.   She is fresh, sexy and simply gorgeous.   I want to recommend her new book  ” A New Model” which tells you the story of her life and career.    Ashley Graham is not only a model but a leader of women in the body positive movement.    She loves social media and is a sought-after TV personality.

So for all my curvy ladies out there, it is ok not to be a single digit ….I myself am a retired size 6.  After the great menopause, I find myself between 8, 10 or even 12 depending on the designer.   So Mezza girls dress for your body type always, embrace the changing woman you are and be proud.   There is room on the runway and in real life for the curvy girl!!!!  xoxoxo  “A New Model”



Think about climbing higher heights, making global connections and making a difference. Christine of Christine's Couture for the Cure....She is making a difference each day to raise money and awareness for "The Breast Cancer Survivors Network" at Learn more click on Christine's picture below!!!

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